Build Tools Modules

List of modules

  • build_pr_only - skip build after commit if it is not PR
  • check_cache - checks if ROS Indigo was already installed by build tools. If not, install it. In case of Docker Hub detects installed ROS and do nothing.
  • build - build project using catkin_make.
  • software_tests - run unit (gtest, unittest) and integration (rostest) tests and place results in special folder if defined by CI server (e.g. artifacts for Circle CI)
  • all_tests - run software_tests tests described above as well as hardware tests
  • benchmarking - run benchmarking of the functionality based on rostest
  • check_build - long running module. Compile independently each package in the project cleaning devel and build folder beforehand and check if all dependencies are declared in CMakeList.txt correctly.
  • code_style_check - run roslint to check C++ and Python code in all packages of the project.
  • check_license - check if copyright notice is present in all the files and the LICENSE file exsists in the repository.
  • check_install - quick check of the catkin_make_isolated install comparably to full Debian files build
  • build_debs - generate Debian package files using bloom
  • check_deb_make - try to install the deb packages generated with build_debs. Check if installation is working correctly. It assumes that packages installed from source code would be available to rosdep during package deployment.
  • complete_deb_check - the same as check_deb_make but it require all packages to be accessible to rosdep during module execution.
  • upload_debs - generate using build_debs, checks using check_deb_make and upload the deb files to an aptly server.
  • python_code_coverage - generate code coverage for Python code
  • cpp_code_coverage - generate code coverage for C++ code
  • code_coverage - generate code coverage for Python and C++ code
  • codecov_tool - post Python and C++ code coverage results to CodeCov